SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet Dinosaur!

19 nov 2020
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Jeffy gets a pet dinosaur!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes:

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    • Wonder why people always like their own comment🤔

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    • @Slovakia Duvin 🍯🐻🧸🌮🆓️🥚🦕How much did you pay for that Taco.🆓️🌮🦕🥚🧸🐻🍯

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    • Hi sml

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    • Jesjs

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    • Sshs

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  • Only people who remember Pee Pee Suck can like this?

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  • 1 million years ago what we aren’t even at 1 million years XD

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  • That is a really good drawing of the dinosaurs

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  • I have a red one of those

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  • Lol you know what I mean by the way I think I am but I don't know what 4444th of the world is going to

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  • I have the same Crocs

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  • Jeffy you’re the president you could’ve kept the dinosaur without anyone’s permission

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  • Digging for fossils is more complicated than it seems

  • Do a video where jeffy gets married

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  • 2:36 woooo wee bessy you sure are a wild one

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  • Thanks super Mario Logan for making this these videos they're really good keep on making these good videos super Mario Logan

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  • I love this video so much it's so good keep on making good videos super Mario Logan

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  • 12:10 :0 look closely the croc is the trans pride colors🏳️‍⚧️that's what I am :D

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  • Dat meen

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  • SML Idea The SuperMarioLogan Movie. You know, the thing we were supposed to get years ago? You know? That'd be nice

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  • Hi chorale

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  • Great video!!!!🤯❤️🔥👍🏾

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  • Why is there a pencil up the dinosaurs nose when pencils we're not created hundred million years ago *playing Illuminati song*

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  • Plz do Jeffy new anime eyes

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  • Elephant

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  • I like how brooklen guy just sits there watching the lava lamp I started laughing I love that part its my favorite part of the video

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  • Trash

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  • When Jackie Chutrying to say Shit Junior just said aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr

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  • Head bones connect to neck bone Neck bones connect to body bone Body bones connect to wiener bone Wiener bone connect to leg bone Leg bone connect to tail bone Tail bone

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  • i likedis

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  • I like Jeffy

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  • Your mean mario

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  • Wow

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  • Can u guys make more bugers dinos because I really want one

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  • 6:38 *Brooklyn T Guy looks at Lava lamp Intensifies*

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  • Mario is so rude

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  • Is anyone gonna notice that junior is a dinosaur 😂🤣

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  • If I could have a pet I would be a snake aka worm

  • 2:54 you can see the Dino

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  • Jeff you: shut up Dinosaur: no

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  • How do they not run out of ideas this is how many people that think that too 👎🏻

  • a fox

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  • Angry birds

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  • SML: Jeffy’s Pet Australia Jeffy: Hey daddy! Can I play the cat piano? Daddy: No, Jeffy! You have 2 toy pianos with animals! Jeffy: What Daddy? Daddy: A pink rabbit and a yellow elephant Jeffy: But daddy! Where’s the red and yellow strawberry piano? Daddy: In your room! Jeffy: What animals? Daddy: Dog, Cat, Bird, Cow, Monkey and Chicken Jeffy: Whose 3 pianos are there? Daddy: They’re for BluBird! Jeffy: I want my cat piano! Daddy: No! Jeffy: Fuck that shit! Daddy: You’re not getting a cat piano! Jeffy: Fuck you! Daddy: You have 3 animal toy pianos but they’re for BluBird! Jeffy: Norway Shit! Daddy: That’s it! You’re grounded! Go to your room! Jeffy: Screw you daddy! Mommy: Hi Mario! Daddy: Hi Rosalina! Mommy: You have a new pet Australia that you got here in the outback! Daddy: An Australia? Mommy: Yeah! Daddy: You can’t have a pet Australia from the outback It’s too illegal! Jeffy: Hey daddy! Can I have a pet Australia? Daddy: No! It’s illegal! Go to your room! Daddy breaths! Daddy: Alright Jeffy! It’s time to go to bed! Jeffy: Okay! Goodnight! Daddy turns off light 7:00 Daddy: Jeffy! Jeffy! It’s time to go to school! Jeffy: Oh yeah! Daddy: Jeffy! What are you wearing? Jeffy: A frog costume! Daddy: Jeffy! You’re not wearing a frog costume! I’m not a frog! Jeffy: Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit! Daddy: Jeffy! No Frog! Jeffy: Ribbit Ribbit! Daddy: You’re going to school! You’re not a frog! Take your costume off! Jeffy: I don’t have to Daddy: Yes you do! No more frog! You will be going to school! Jeffy whistles like a bird Daddy: You want to go to school? W-JEFFY! What are you wearing? Jeffy: A bird Daddy: You are not a bird! You are going to school! Jeffy: I don’t have to Daddy: Yes you do, Jeffy! No more bird costume! Jeffy whistles Daddy: GO TO SCHOOL!!!!!!! Jeffy: Alright Jeffy! I’m ready! Daddy: You’re rea-JEFFY! What are you wearing? Jeffy clucks like a chicken Daddy: Jeffy! No Chicken Jeffy clucks like a chicken Daddy: No Chicken! Jeffy clucks like a chicken Daddy: No Chicken, Jeffy! Take this off now! Jeffy: I don’t have to Daddy: Yes you do, Jeffy! No Chicken Jeffy clucks like a chicken Daddy: JEFFY GO TO SCHOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!! School ring Jackie Chu: Alright Class! Today we’re going to learn about Australian Animals Junior: Australian Animals?! Cody: Guys I love Australia Joseph (Green Shell): Yeah dude Alex: Yeah I love my Aussie Fauna you are a Cameroonian Jackie Chu: Alright! You’re gonna meet Milla! Joseph’s Girlfriend from Australia. Milla (Red Shell and Wings): Hello! My name is Milla! I’m from Australia. Jackie Chu: Alright class! The first animal is the Kangaroo, the second one is the Koala Bear, the third one is the Kookaburra and the last one is the Platypus. So you guys, when you get home, you will draw all four animals that lives in Australia. Junior: We will draw all four animals of Australia and New Zealand! Cody: Let’s go! Joseph: Bye! Later Jeffy: I can show you where’s the pet Australia? Australia: Aaaaaaah Jeffy: Alright! Let’s go! Daddy: I can show you where’s Jeffy? Australia: Aaaaaah Daddy: Wha-JEFFY! When do you get the Australia at? Jeffy: I got it from the outback Australia: Aaaaaah Daddy: Jeffy! You’re not getting a pet Australia! It’s too illegal! Jeffy: I want to name him Lemon Meringue Shit Daddy: We’re not naming him Lemon Meringue Shit! Jeffy: Mr. Remington Red Daddy: NO! Mommy: Porridge Jeffy: Mr. Australia Daddy: We’re not naming your Australia like that Jeffy: Hackler Daddy: NO! Jeffy: Honey Daddy: NO! Jeffy: Roar Daddy: No! It’s an Australia! It doesn’t want to roar! Mommy: Norway Daddy: It’s an Australia! Mommy: Red Daddy: It’s blue! Jeffy: Actually, I’m gonna name him Pie Mommy: I like Pie! Australia: aaaaaaaaaaaah Daddy: No! We’re not naming your Australia Pie! It’s to illegal to name that Australia! Jeffy: Hey, Pie! Say hi! Australia: Aaaaah Jeffy: Come on! Let’s go! Australia: Aaaaaah Junior: Jeffy! You have an Australia! Jeffy: Pie the Australia! Junior: He looks cute! So let’s talk to Chef Pee Pee Chef Pee Pee: Mmm mmm mmmmmmmmm! My Chestnut and Parsnip soup! My favorite! Junior: Umm Chef Pee Pee Chef Pee Pee: What Junior: There’s an Australia next to me Australia: Aaaaaah Chef Pee Pee: I’m not care of that Australia! Leave me alone! I’m cooking my bisque! Leave me alone with my Australia! Chef Pee Pee cooks soup Australia: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Australia runs away to this pie Australia eats lemon meringue pie Australia: Yam yam yam yam yam yam Australia: Aaaaaah Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: Pie! Stop screaming! Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: That’s it! We’re gonna take a bath Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: LET’S GO!!!!!!!! Jeffy: Alright Pie! You’re gonna take a bath! Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: You’re hungry? Australia: mm Jeffy: Alright Pie, I got you some Swedish fish Australia: Aaaaaah Australia eats Swedish fish Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: No?! Jeffy: I’m gonna get other food Jeffy: Alright Pie, I got you a chocolate cookie Australia: Aaaaaah Australia eats chocolate cookie Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: NO?! Jeffy: I’m getting other Jeffy: Alright Pie, Here is your Popcorn. Open your mouth. Australia: Aaaaaah Australia eats popcorn Jeffy: Do you like popcorn? Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: NO?! THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT? Australia: Wowrige Jeffy: Okay Jeffy: Alright Pie, I got you porridge. Here. Eat it Australia: Hunk Australia eats porridge Jeffy: Do you like porridge? Australia: Aaaaaah Australia eats porridge Jeffy: Well done Pie! You love porridge Australia: Aaaaaah Jeffy: Let’s go School ring Jackie Chu: Alright class. We have some report cards of drawing Australian animals Jackie Chu: Alright! Jeffy, Junior and Joseph. Where are these animals? Jeffy: Jeffy said I hate Australia on my outback and the Australia runs away Jackie Chu: F! Jackie Chu: Alright! Cody, Toad and Harry! Where are your animals? Cody: In this picture I have a kangaroo, a koala and a kookaburra but I haven’t got a platypus at the outback Jackie Chu looks at the blackboard with the word Platypus Jackie Chu: Uhmmm.... B- Jackie Chu: Alright! Alex, BluBird and Orangie. Where are these animals? Alex: All 4 animals are in the outback: The Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra and the Platypus. The koala and the kookaburra is on the branch, the kangaroo is jumping and the platypus is in the lake Jackie Chu: A+ Alex: Yeah! My Cameroonian Jeffy: Alright Pie! I see you tomorrow after a long time when I’m saying together! Australia: Byebye Jeffy: Goodbye, Pie Jeffy: Hey Daddy! Daddy: What, Jeffy? Jeffy: I get rid of my Australia named Pie Daddy: Jeffy! I hope you learn your lesson for getting rid of Pie. So. Alright Jeffy! We’re going to Disney World! Jeffy: Mickey Mouse! Daddy: Yeah Jeffy Mommy: Let’s go! Car! SML Question: If you had a country pet, what could it be Answer in the comments below

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    • After Jeffy The Honduras

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  • Oh snap the furries got to charlie

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  • Sml idea: cody's real parents

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  • Sml idea: Jeff's death

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  • Logan I thoughtof an idea for a future video Jeffy's movie where Jeffy makes a movie with his dinosaur where it destroys a city and Jeffy gets rich but loses all of it from the sequal

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  • Only the OG’s remembers the “hop hop hop like the bunny do it”can like this comment

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  • Yo yo yo what is up guys

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  • You know what is funny the bored said dinosaurs bones and the teacher is just saying that dinosaurs has a lot of bones but he is so post to teach there bones right?

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  • Black yoshi fine 😏

  • Are you building a pool?

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  • I hate mario because hes so mean to jeffy

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  • Mario: "If you name it, we have to keep it." Jeffy: proceeds to name dinosaur

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  • Sml

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    • Hvghhggg

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  • “It’s a croc” 😂😂🤡🤡

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  • When wish try’s to scam you with a Jeffy puppet that 379 dollars and when you could get a jeffy puppet for 73 dollars

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  • Oof I wish I could go back to the good old days when they made jeffy videos and they all cussed their asses off. That was my kind of humor lol. But of course youtube had to ruin it :/. Still love the videos tho keep em coming guys

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  • 12:24

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  • I just fell down my stair and broke a knee cap too watch this im funny

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  • your mom

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  • SML idea: Jeffy the frog

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  • Jeffy has been a dad and mom in like 3 videos

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  • M

    Dishan MangarDishan MangarPirms dienas
  • You weeeeeeee

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  • Jeffy gets a stepsister sml idea

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  • It would be codys mom if i wanted a put

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  • Four-star resorts extinct

    micheal najera is awesomemicheal najera is awesomePirms dienas
  • My favorite part was Mario grandma was calling lol 😂

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  • A monkey

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  • I like spaghetti

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  • Sml idea: jeffy gets a sister and then Feebee comes to life and he gets rid of his new sister and keeps feebee and feebee and jeffy hug there ass of

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  • CHARLEYYY I miss that so much. Now we need Doofy the dragon 🐉

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  • You should make another one where thw dino gets bigger

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  • Lol I loved when junior got hit by the teacher LOL

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  • Jeffy looks like codys mom to be honest

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  • 2:36

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  • I would have jeffy

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  • Name the dinosaur hyper

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  • Dinosaurs do crack out of there eggs

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    • Black Yoshi is a Yoshi

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  • dospongebobgetspregant

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  • Dinosaurs are old as rurrrrrr that's alot of years

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  • My pet would be a hamster

  • This gives me the darci lynne vibes

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  • Haha my name is Sebastian

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  • Sml idea: bowser jr meets charley

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    • He already did so why would they do it :/

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  • Lol

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  • Pls get rid of jeffy

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    • Yes

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  • I like how at 14:42 Mario was like you just had your dinner the dinosaur is like yah

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  • dinos are dead

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  • i just got a new pc

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  • Hypochondriacs: jacky chu coughed they have to quarantine

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  • SBL idea: Bowser meets Charlie

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  • Mario never believes Jeffy but whatever Jeffy says that sounds fake It becomes real

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  • I L O V E your sml videos

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  • Jeffy Junior returns

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  • Love your vids

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  • The number 1 song across the world 100% of watching WILL LIKE IT

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  • If I could have an animal I would have a dragon boiiii

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