SML Movie: The School Dance!

16 feb 2020
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Junior and his friends are going to the school dance!

  • *E*

    Eternal RafaelEternal RafaelPirms Stundas
  • Girls are not the same because girls do not suck 😂✨💯

    amiya jesseeamiya jesseePirms 3 Stundām
  • The thing is he is in 4th grade and he 11 I’m 12 and I’m in 6

    PermaFrost GamezPermaFrost GamezPirms 4 Stundām
  • The knotty anthony behaviorally command because grip consequentially change about a tacit business. funny, sparkling paste

    The Gaming FamilyThe Gaming FamilyPirms 4 Stundām
  • Her name is pingpog

    Luis CuirizLuis CuirizPirms 4 Stundām
  • roy get hard hmmm sounds familiar

    Braindead GamesBraindead GamesPirms 5 Stundām
  • Junior: I was wondering if u would want to go to the dance? New student: i'd rather DIE. Joseph: DANG dude I thought the worst she could say is No!

    Tyler KallmbahTyler KallmbahPirms 16 Stundām
  • 0:35 Jr’s voice crack lol

    SuperMarioandGodzilla JrSuperMarioandGodzilla JrPirms 18 Stundām
  • Literally I like the videos when Joseph say he’s a doll dude it was so funny and then Cody was very mad about it😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😅

    J SoulinthongJ SoulinthongPirms 19 Stundām
  • LOL

    Amy CruzAmy CruzPirms 21 Stundas
  • ThAt Is a funny name call Chefspepe🤣🤣🤣

    Naveed RiazNaveed RiazPirms 23 Stundām
  • That ls a funny name. Call chefs we😆

    Naveed RiazNaveed RiazPirms 23 Stundām
  • Um Joseph is dating Cody’s stepsister

    Sean DeVylderSean DeVylderPirms dienas
  • Gun control and other anti gun control 3AM have a long way in the past and the most important part of this debate was the way the

    kendreon millenderkendreon millenderPirms dienas
  • 6:36

    Mani LeeMani LeePirms dienas
  • Who at the school dance what’s to lose their v-card in here say AYYYYYYYYYY

    Trump Supporter 3000Trump Supporter 3000Pirms dienas

    Trump Supporter 3000Trump Supporter 3000Pirms dienas
  • Judy and Tyrone were mad

    Xxxteantacion /in heavenXxxteantacion /in heavenPirms dienas
  • Nice Bro

    Premier Wrestling ReviewPremier Wrestling ReviewPirms dienas
  • Rip juice wrld

    Charlie’s WrldCharlie’s WrldPirms dienas
  • Rip juice wrld

    Charlie’s WrldCharlie’s WrldPirms dienas
  • 0:35 when my friend tells me that he got free minecoins

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  • ? wow that is blue light

    MessiahBristow BristowMessiahBristow BristowPirms dienas
  • I screamed when Jr was singing juice wrld I love him

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  • Oooo rarata

    ninja 7150ninja 7150Pirms dienas
  • Wow this was made 11 months ago kt feels like yesterday

    Mistic PlayzMistic PlayzPirms dienas
  • All the puppet girls are so ugly, I’m not a hater I’m saying

    Pablo Perez Pablo PerezPablo Perez Pablo PerezPirms 2 dienām
    • Oo

      omg bonnyomg bonnyPirms 2 dienām
  • let good good go rapper Precios go to the moon oh mannnn

    KYAN REESKYAN REESPirms 2 dienām
  • If you pause at 4:07 you can see lances face

    naufalmemes2naufalmemes2Pirms 2 dienām

    nikolas dobosnikolas dobosPirms 2 dienām
  • I mean it does make sence cheef pee pee is a old man and Roy has been living for long time

    Jacqueline SparklesJacqueline SparklesPirms 2 dienām
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • How do you ugh

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  • 4:05 you can see lance

    BeansRGood07BeansRGood07Pirms 2 dienām
  • i like juice wrld and x

    Meral BaydarMeral BaydarPirms 2 dienām
  • 12:24

    Anthony RydoszAnthony RydoszPirms 2 dienām
  • If you look here at 4:05 you can see lance holding Joseph’s dance

  • Ping pong

    FaZe UmbrellaFaZe UmbrellaPirms 2 dienām
  • Your probley thinking why chef pee pee said im trying to cook bagel bites but its taking so long beaceuse he burns food which is why when he cooks mac n cheese for to long its burt

    james adamjames adamPirms 2 dienām
  • Chef PePe: "...Oh no, my Period...."

    DJay AceDJay AcePirms 2 dienām
  • Fun fact: lance when she rejected him u can see him

    Errorsans! StrocityVAErrorsans! StrocityVAPirms 2 dienām
  • Who's else is wasting this in 2021 👉👉👉👉👉

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  • 10:22 joseph is hitting it with a girl LOL

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  • 2021 gg

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  • Hey

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  • Heute

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  • when he started singing juice wrld

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  • 3:56 left upper corner

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  • Rip juce/xxxtentacion

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  • Hi

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  • 😦⚰️🪚🐶

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    • 😎 🧥 👖🍆 👞. 🏛 🌫. 🚽

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  • Pe pe

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  • u should do a vid where ken comes to life?!

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  • 4:06 you can see lance lol

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  • How come bowser human form is white he is controlled by Lovell

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  • the juice wrld part got me😭

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  • 4:06 Lance's face

    Leon ShapiroLeon ShapiroPirms 4 dienām
  • All girls are the sameness

    Jeffreys GamingJeffreys GamingPirms 4 dienām
  • Fuck Sippin Imma Down A Whole Bottle Hard Liquor Hard Sugar Cane Swallow Need A Bartender Put Me Out My Sorrow wake up the next day

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  • P

    Julie CallaghanJulie CallaghanPirms 5 dienām
  • 4:06 I saw Lance and Lovell’s ear lol.

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  • Will your poor dodo

    Leah BeiswengerLeah BeiswengerPirms 5 dienām
  • Hey richard EW POOR!

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  • Ewwwwwwwww

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  • 3:46

    Ava SmithAva SmithPirms 5 dienām
  • 3:53

    Ava SmithAva SmithPirms 5 dienām
  • 3:63

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  • 4:10

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  • Are you stupid

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  • I hate Joseph

    Iron BoddenIron BoddenPirms 6 dienām
  • Imagine looking at bowser in this video in your dreams

    Avengers endgame KidAvengers endgame KidPirms 6 dienām
  • 10M views in 10 months

    DIOSADIOSAPirms 6 dienām
  • I love when chef pee pee said "oh no my period"

    Bob LavelleBob LavellePirms 6 dienām
  • At 3:35 junior saying OMG

    Michael botarelliMichael botarelliPirms 6 dienām
  • Why does 00:38 junior sounds weird

    CindyCindyPirms 6 dienām
  • *fun fact*

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  • 4:06

    Winter Burguete It’s coldWinter Burguete It’s coldPirms 7 dienām
  • Hjjjfylriygpuytpigesatppplkjhp0hdhdhdjg😊😒😏🤩😏🤭😊😉🤩😜🤔😭🤣😅😁😄😃😀😙🥰🥰😍🤗🥳🌜🌛🌚🌝🌞🤧🤧🌝🌞👈🤟✌️👆💅👩‍🎨👨‍🦳👨‍🦳👳👩‍🎤👩‍🦳👧🧑👩‍🦳👨‍🦳👱

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  • 🔪🔪🔪💉💷💶💴💵📡🐊🐊🐍🐍🐆🐆⚡⚡❄❄💧💧💧🔥🔥🔥🔪🔪🗡🗡🗡💉💉💉💡💡💡🕯🕯🕯💎💎💎👁📼📼🎛🎛🐆🐆🐆📡📼📡📼📡

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  • 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🥭🍑🍑🍑🍑🍇🍑🍆🍆🍆🍆🥭🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🥑🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🫑🫑🫑🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🍅🍑🍑🍇🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🥭🍆🍆🍆🌶🍆🌶🍑🍑🍑

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  • Z

    Gisselle ValenzuelaGisselle ValenzuelaPirms 7 dienām
  • When I was in a school trip

    Megan BuckleyMegan BuckleyPirms 8 dienām
  • if i was chef pee pee ill stab junior and smash bowsers head against his tv

    hihiPirms 8 dienām
  • All girls are the same RIP 999

    Jay VazquezJay VazquezPirms 8 dienām
  • 13456789wowssus

    Ruby-Deserea BellRuby-Deserea BellPirms 8 dienām
  • You mean this is GODZILLA world we just livening un it

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  • Love it

    Abygail HubbardAbygail HubbardPirms 9 dienām
  • i see you singing juice wrld

    Rodney BeasleyRodney BeasleyPirms 9 dienām
  • how did josph get a date

    Krystal REESKrystal REESPirms 9 dienām
  • Urn captions on lol 0:00

    Sherrie SmalleySherrie SmalleyPirms 9 dienām
  • ??? A face 4:02

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  • My story is not funny I have no love 😔


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  • *I would've taken 500,000 A+'s / A Pluses. Plz I just want 500,000 A Pluses :(* *2 Years Later: Yay I got 500,000 A+'s / A Pluses! :D*

    HumzaHumzaPirms 10 dienām
  • And her name is Maria on the Naiah and Ellie show

    Danny Opoku-AgyemangDanny Opoku-AgyemangPirms 10 dienām
  • That Mexican girl is from Naiah and Ellie channel in sweet mama is saying Naiah should not be friends with the Mexican girl

    Danny Opoku-AgyemangDanny Opoku-AgyemangPirms 10 dienām
  • Roy is a toy

    SuperMarioChase BtsSuperMarioChase BtsPirms 10 dienām
  • My laughing so hard thia is how my school dance was a month ago

    Peyton SharonPeyton SharonPirms 10 dienām