SML Movie: Joseph's New Shell!

23 apr 2020
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Joseph gets a new shell!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes!

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    • @Raindy And Friends P

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    • Why isn't he verified ik he's real but why won't yt verifie SBL

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    • Hi

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  • I know this was eight months ago but those are build a bear skateboards I think

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  • You can see gold bars in the back

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  • Junior: Oh I thought you said a bad word I was going to go tell my mommy. Junior:doesn’t have a mom

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  • Almost

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  • 1:53 Bruh moment

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  • 1:00 that’s what she said

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  • Makeup video of Cameron mirroring Cody

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  • Adams is a great actor who is a talented and sa songwriter in super Mario kart in super Mario bros in the us on a new series that is not a great deal for us and we have to make it a new movie 6666inches in super Mario kart

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  • John and sa are you looking for a new job

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  • Hi

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  • I thought Joseph was gonna drop him and say DORKKKKKK

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  • I hate Joseph HE THINKS HES SOOO.... COOL

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  • You can’t tell your mom he say the s wrod you mom hate ypu

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  • Rwferhwsf red yfeqettwgg2cytergewitesydw

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  • 2021:'(🚑🚑

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  • yes

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  • I just learned varial kickflip on my skateboard

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  • LOVE 💕😘 you 💟😗😗

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  • I thought it was called Joseph in a nutshell

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  • Lol they laughing

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  • “I thought you said a bad word was gonna go tell me mommy.” 😂😂😂

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  • Junior and Joseph are such cute friends

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  • 10:54

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  • 8:30

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  • You should make a video called Jophes dad and like the dad is chef pp and he explains and jophes kills himself beck he hates chef pp and he came back then haunted chef pp

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  • i broke a leg in big bear there was a like hill an ice'y hill so we wanted to go up but we did not have a sled so my little sis found one so i went up and go down fast so i put my leg down on the ice and it broke

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  • SsnJs

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  • 1:51 was funny

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  • My arm

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  • SML Question: have you break a bone? Answer By Me: i broke my rigth arm bone

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  • Jdhhd

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  • Yes I have broken bone

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  • I broKEN my foot and my leg

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  • Joseph was like: i belive i can fly i belive i can touch tha sky and then......WHAM!! BEOKEN!!

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  • No beacause I’m not a lunatic

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  • . . .what is wrong with craig's voice??

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  • I’m poor like bro’s

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  • Where

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  • Joseph is like hawk from Cobra Kai

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  • Hi

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  • 1:44 Narly 🤙

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  • 12:13

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  • Hi are you been fan of you and I

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  • What happens to jrs karate

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  • Who else gives 2 shits about honey?

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  • 4:16 im surprised screwball actually bent the balloons and it wasnt a snake

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  • 😜😁

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    • El Capo

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    • Get em up in choppa

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  • be christen all

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  • I broke my arm

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  • Joe hawk

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  • Bowser junior acts like he doesn't care about joshep.

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  • Muchas alas son mucho Love you were Diego hable más viva millos y mucho me pareció ver videos

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  • Huiiiii

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  • Sup

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  • The devil said is there any thing else you want Joseph said NO WOW HE COULD ASK FOR MONEY

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  • 10:30 Mr Beast gives a house 🏡

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  • Logan I love you so much my favorite character is jeffy'

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  • It’s his room mate

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  • E

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  • Tony Hawk has money

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  • Tony Hawk is Joseph's father? then why is he broke?

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  • Kids are getting in trouble because are you

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  • Gooms sounds Like jeffy

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  • Yeah my finger A fellow of a photo station

  • Ho. No. You are me

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    • I'm so happy

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    • I'm not ok

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  • beileve it or not i never broke a bone ever or sprained anything

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  • Ufhufury

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    • Hdh

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  • How Joseph fell 😂

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  • Hello giss

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  • No

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  • The fact that joseph is being mean and he is poor🤣

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  • That bull boy what ☝ Bill boy my nurnk bill boy my main

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    • Jr

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    • That not he fiend wreck ewwww Fukkk

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  • 😈 liefn 👎 heave he wet bads

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  • 😈 my boy he syy yup cant not ✋ the 😈 in so what up 😈

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  • Pepe

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  • Qjvktb

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  • I have broken a none I have broke my wrist arms not at the same time well once I have my leg and collar bone and nose

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  • Every one who is your favrouite character out of bowser jr

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  • Do y’all have a Chef PP doll

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  • Maybe Joseph should also wish to be rich to

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  • Isn't bully bill mean to jeffy in school

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  • no

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  • Can you make another skateboard sml video please

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  • Read your bible and praise god and Jesus

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  • Anyone else think after every video you think of the characters different

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  • No

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  • At least junior has a dad unlike joesph

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  • It was funny when Cody said you didn’t hang up at the end

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  • I broke my leg two times

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  • How junior was gonna tell his mommy even though he hasn't meet her

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  • Legend

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  • 3:42 When u r trying to break your phone

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  • Sml idea: junior meets Neil Armstrong!

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  • Kumhihjhjhjkkjjkkjjkjkkjkjjhjhhiiujkukjkouiuuouiuoiouiuoukiujkjoojoioiioiooiiooioiiooioiiooioioiihdrxtkjhgftrydfytjukygffjytfjtyfytjfuytfigiytgkugkuhgyjvjygbgguvhhgbhbhbgugbvgggyb but I love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • Oooooo

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  • I just noticed that the cheto guy on the packit he is on a state board lol®️👍

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  • Jeffy 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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