SML Movie: The Devil's Son!

19 dec 2020
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The Devil has a son and wants someone to watch him!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes: Go enter the SML Scavenger Hunt and find the hidden pencil on

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    • Hi

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    • .

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    • Is this gonna be another promise you’re not gonna keep?

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    • Were’s my ps5 and Jeffy puppet

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    • When is giveaway

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  • Owie!!7:39

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  • "AbopabopboBop"Cj 2021

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  • Is it me or is the devil son so cute

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  • Babubababu

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  • When he threw the tv who was that in the back round was that a pet or puppet or person

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  • Who else noticed Joseph in the scene where CJ threw browser's TV

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  • 5:22 look at Joseph in the back round lol

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    • TUFF*

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  • Ik the devils son

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  • Did anyone noticed Joshep in the back? 5:24

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  • Did you win pleuge inc sry i cant spell the name

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  • Never NEVER mess wit shreks cheese cake

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  • Babble ba babble baboo

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  • The things you do for LVworld 😅

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  • Oh.. OWWIIEEEE -Mr .Goodman 2020

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  • I like when bowser got mad the background about joseph just confused

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  • 7:32 its Unicorn Goodman!

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  • 4:53 damm junior

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  • My most puppets, including Raggy the hound dog, dislikes the demon.

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  • ABC the seaport see

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  • i locked my self in handcuffs and i am 9

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  • Good night people hey Jeffy we like your videos it's really cool.

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  • I saw thise at walmart

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  • Lmao

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  • broke 4 tvs

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  • I heard junior say “chef pee pee” it don’t even sound weird no more

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  • Hey dadddy what doing

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  • Bruh

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  • "Let's go steal candy from some orphans." This is why Craig was cancelled.

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  • 5:24 who is in the back

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  • I seen Joseph in the background when he destroyed the tv

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  • my sister has one

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  • 5:25 I saw something behind Bowser

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  • 5:20 Joseph running into the wall lmao

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  • what a minute when they kicked it of it shot at jr eyes

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  • Sml idea: Junior's bizarre adventure, literally a sml and jjba crossover

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    • No

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  • Can anybody see chef PP look different

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  • I have that toy for my brother

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  • I saw joshin back next to bosrwr

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  • Same with me UGH 0:00

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  • No TV was harmed in this video

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  • 5:20 In the background poor joseph..

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  • he use a nerf gun for that

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  • How many times poeple have broken bowsers👇

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  • Pllllllls

    Marvin WilsonMarvin WilsonPirms 2 dienām
  • Pls

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  • I want Devil's daughter since its a Devil's son please

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  • Badabapbopbadu

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  • 7:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • The Craig is back

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  • Love how god is playing life

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  • The worst thing I ever did was wipe my ass with the pants I was wearing Edit: I was in kindergarten

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    • @CodeNameDark yes I know but I was in kindergarten

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    • Ew

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  • yes

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  • yon

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  • Please get rid of Jeffy he is the worse character

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  • In order to get the PlayStation 5 or the Jeffy puppet for the survey you have to put in your email I honestly don't see why you would have to do that and honestly that's sus

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    • So they can reply to you

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  • Bowers you have to be in the office tomorrow and will be there for the interview on the office tomorrow and will be there for the interview on daadyYankee mix

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  • I noticed that chef PP is a new puppet

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  • Who else saw Joshp at 5:23

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  • 7:39 OWIE!

    Alekssander LomeliAlekssander LomeliPirms 3 dienām
  • look at jospeh in the background

    Derek Hall JrDerek Hall JrPirms 3 dienām
  • 8:51 “that was rude” 🤣

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  • junior saying codys mom is fat menwhile he lookin like a fat pice of shit

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  • I love how Joseph teleports too

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  • Pee peeeeeee

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  • Y’all are so awesome and funny I reallly want to get a jefffy

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  • I found a loophole for the month has a station claim your own video

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  • Joshp is behind the couch on this scene 5:18

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  • The money was 700

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  • 4:19 fare 4:37 fare 7:03 pew pew

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  • Download Jackie a Jessie puppet

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  • MASON 00000000000000001

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  • You have to appreciate the amount of money they are spending to do these videos. Like imagine if they got the part where they smashed the TV wrong they would have to buy Two TVs for this one part. SML man, they really care about they’re subs.

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  • What is a very very easy way to get a free jeffy puppet sing by lance like post a comment and who’s is the best.

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  • This was my favorite video because Lance could do bedlam deat

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  • Joseph’s screams are so annoying

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  • Did anyone else notice Joseph in the back round running into a wall when CJ threw bowsers tv

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    • I did

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  • Can I have the PS5 my brother wants one really bad

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  • 7:34 what? *WhAT!?* oh. *OWIE*!

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  • Moneyronni and cheese but burnt

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  • 5:55 *B U R N I N G M O N E Y*

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  • 4:40 *gibberish* fire!

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  • I want a qlay Ps5

    Lil JayLil JayPirms 4 dienām
  • 5:22 you can see jospeh trying to get to the bathroom

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  • 5:22 what’s that behind the couch

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  • I have one of those

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  • M

    GreeberGreeberPirms 4 dienām
  • What the heck

    It’s Gordon9000!It’s Gordon9000!Pirms 4 dienām
  • Wasn’t chills little brother named cj

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  • #Jiwe

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  • 0:56 wow I’m not impressed I seen better

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  • 3:00

    Bryson hanoverBryson hanoverPirms 4 dienām
  • In minute 5:25 i saw something behind the couch

    Adrian OrtizAdrian OrtizPirms 4 dienām
  • Did u guys see joseph behind the couch at 5:22

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  • 1 Burns chef Peepee's hat 😂 4:21 2 Grabs Bowser's TV and throws him to the floor 😆 5:06 3 He takes Goodman's bills to burn in the stove 5:49 4 Shoots a needle dart in Goodman's face 7:29 5 The scene that made me laugh a lot nonstop when eating Shrek's cheesecake 😂 7:59 6 Enter Jeffy's room and pop the balloon with the knife 8:15 7 Shrek's pizza arrives and the little demon throws it on the ground 😂 8:55

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  • Mr goodman always makes me 😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😅😄😄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

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