SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee Goes To Hollywood!

20 aug 2020
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Jason Derulo hires Chef Pee Pee to be his person assistant!
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  • Jeffy's Birthday will be uploaded Sunday!

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    • Jeff's birthday

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    • superbowserlogan ??.??????????????????

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  • This needs more viewers poor chef pee pee

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  • Craziest video ever

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  • blue waffles is actually trypophobia and its DISGUSTING Trypophobia is also a fear of holes

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  • Jason durell you have a pool??

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  • How did I miss this one lmao

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  • Characters in this video: Chef PP Junior Jason deluro Bowser Loan dolphin Mr. Goodman

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  • Idea u should do bowser goes to military school again n

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  • Jason durulo savage love I think that's chef peepees faveroit song?

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  • Chef Pee Pee thinks he's good at cooking but he sucks at cooking so Bowser and Junior roasted him

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  • sure shelf pp you are good at cooking XD

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    • i spell him name wrong cuz he BAD XDDD

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  • Logan I LOVE JEFFY I’m His biggest fan !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The best tiktoker

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  • Wait is he actually Jason derluo

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  • Why are they so mean to chef pee pee

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  • wow

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  • Chef pee pee is terrible cook how could they even think of letting Chef Pee Pee cook for Jason Derulo

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  • What in the hell is this

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  • Ok for some reason I watched this part over and over, just sounded cool on how the way they said it... 13:34

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  • Why would he break their arms if they gave him the money but if they didn't give him the money then he will break their legs that's really funny hahaha I love you Bowser Jr son you're the reason I am so addicted to your shows by make more videos

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  • Onions

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  • Hi 8m your fan

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  • 2:44 airbus a340

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  • That's crazy I expected a puppet

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  • Wow you really met him

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  • Jason derulo is a clout chaser

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  • That is awesome

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  • Greenbeas bros

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  • Green beans

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  • 4:46 when my mom sees my bad report card

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  • Love it

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  • Malachi

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  • me:I want a vr oculus: Get a oculus 2 now Me:I’m poor :(

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  • Is he realy enjoying chef pp's coocking

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  • Cheff pp is now frends with jurinor

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  • Make a funniest movie ever

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  • The perfect vid with a famous person doesn’t exi-

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  • Hey chef pee pee! 3:10

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  • the views on this video is 6.9M

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  • lol at the end tho

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  • 1:33 how chef pepe rich like hes poor

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  • Hi jeffy I am your biggest fan

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  • i love you so much I hope you have a great day and remember god is always with you have a great day happy hollowing

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  • i didn't know who jason derulo was until i watched this video probably because i don't like rap and he is a rapper,dancer

  • Jason derulo OMG LoL

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  • Chefpeepees face when he said its a yolk lol

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  • O shit

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  • hi

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  • I saw Jason's tiktok about this 🤣

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  • I'm jealous 😅

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  • What for real

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  • [shock]

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  • 🅾🅰🅱✂

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  • Why the heck is Jason Derulo in the thumbnail? 🤔

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  • I love sml I have been watching you guys when I was 6 Now I am 9

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  • Live a like if you like Jeffy Let’s see how many jeffy fans we got🌋🌋

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  • hahaha

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  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • bruh u actully met him i thought u was going to do the thing with obama

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  • When you get your monthly GTA money drop 6:19

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  • Wait cheff pee pee is poor but has an iPhone 11 pro max this makes no sence

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  • Jason derulo!!!???

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  • TikTok

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  • @jasonderulo

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  • This is the first time Chef Pee Pee was nice to Junior

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  • YOU TALKED MY DAD OUT OF $50,000?!?!

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  • Lesson: To get someone out of your hair, use things that gives them Nostalgia

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  • If his food is good why won't he eat it

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  • Chef peepee is the best

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  • I. Like.

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  • Don’t look up blue waffle for your sake

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  • Here a dollar BUM

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  • i will give it 7.7/10

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  • Does Jason Derulo let people go into his house accualy never mind that

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  • I was eating some popcorn and when chef pee pee cooking at jason derulo I almost puke cuz I smelt it and kind of tasted it

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  • I thought they not supposed to say "die".

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  • Jason derulo 1# song savage love

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  • whos this guy?

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  • no no pablo

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  • waffles: blue ya know what else is blue?,ya balls....jk its actually the like button.

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  • 2:29 2:29 5:05 5:05 12:45 12:45

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  • Savage love by jason derulo

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  • I went to jason Derulo house yesterday

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  • He said a bad who’re on a 100 percent kid friendly channel 3.44

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  • What the blue waffles are Ratatouille reference

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  • Who heard the news that Jason Derulo used bts

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  • Shadow: I want you out of my house now! Knuckles: Why? ad plays ad: Swindlin’ Susie Lee

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  • This is the fake jeffy show and you guys are giving him 4m subs wow everyone on this chanell sucks and knows nothing disgusting ewwwww

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  • California is the worst state

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  • Fun fact don’t search up blue waffle

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  • Walt goodman is in the mafia?!

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  • First rule with money: never blow money in one day.

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  • if he didn't have such a nice face bowser would of punched him

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  • How are we not talking about how good peepees handwriting is

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  • Wow the actual Jason Derulo

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