SML Movie: Goodman's Son Gets a Job!

2 mai 2020
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Mr. Goodman is making his son get a job so that he can learn the value of money!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes!!!!

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    • Ok

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    • superbowserlogan yo

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    • @TGSNEON 9914 DONT

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  • That first women in the red car is the first Karen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Who else thinks Richard is so cute

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  • Internet internet okhyhyuhjuujjujjjunnkmjjjjjnhnhhn

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  • iu poor

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  • The worst job ever would probably be working for the Goodmen"s

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  • This shit was funny great job sml

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  • 4:08 me at a restaurant

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  • This is money to s but

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  • They should have made Joseph have one more laugh and for that laugh he pops out of the toy box and laughs in juniors ears then goes back into the toy box that would have been really funny to watch XD 0:53

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  • ah ah ah cik cing

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  • The worst job for me it will be a surgeon because you'll have to stay up all night

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  • Goodman can we pay corona to go away

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  • 2:45 Burger King foot lettuce

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  • 10000000000$

  • Dffc

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  • How old is Richard like 14 or something or 15

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  • I got an idea for avideo how about Goldman's son becomes pore

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  • Richard is same age as junior but he has a beard

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  • sml movie joseph

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  • Richard is like: we can pay the virus to go away. junior and his friends is like: yeah do that

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  • Hold the Jeffy puppet that's what my job would be

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  • POOP

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  • 1:10 when ur mom gives u money to buy snacks

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  • Hi, im a big fan of sml I was wondering if i could get a roblox account with roux

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  • 8:39 lol that was kinda funny

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  • Sml Your videos crash

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  • Schools 🏫 the. worst

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  • Come on randy lol

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  • I use to work at McDonald's and I'm getting some ptsd with how real that customer is 4:00 makes me want to rip my hair out xD

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  • Eww pooor

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  • His name is Richard not Robbie

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  • Alright Randy"

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  • Ewwwww POOR

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  • 0:41 you can see Joseph’s wings

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  • Shes a karen

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  • Ew Poor

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  • 1:57 take your hands in the toilet and clean it up after the video

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  • E

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  • at 2:19 did one of the air pods fell in the toilet?

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  • Hi 👋

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  • Any else notice he touched his eye 1:14

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  • Richmond always has be dying ! I can’t get enough of hearing that “Ewwwww POOR” I be crying

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  • Not bad 8.45 an hour thats 2k a month if 8 hours a day

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  • Ok

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  • When the uniform is red

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  • sell jeffy puppets and wen sombody buys it say ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

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  • i will give it a 8.3/10

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  • Nvgfdb

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  • How About We Can Make Coronavirus Go Anyway In 2021

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  • 5:35 I feel like that’s what McDonald’s is to my Travis Scott meal

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  • It's so funny when richerd says ewwww poor

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  • The worst job would be having to work at a McDonalds with Goodman

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  • Lady at McDonalds: “LEMME SPEAK TO YO MANAGER!” Me: “sounds like a black Karen.”

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  • sml idea mr goodmen wife

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  • Poo

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  • 9:40 oh the happy meal only comes with 1 toy 9:42 But i want 3 toys 9:44 You are only get 1 toy 9:45 How about three toys 9:47 It comes with 1 toy! 9:48 THREE TOYS! 9:49 ONE TOY! 9:50 *THREE TOYS!!!!!!*

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  • Worst Job Ever? Plumber for Donald Trump

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  • what happend to chilly

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  • 2:57 This is so false, mcdonalds leaves it out for a weeks.

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  • Eww poor

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  • You know he’s singing the real song

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  • Fun fact my name is Raymond

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  • SBL IDEA:Mario gets rich and Goodman gets robbed bye Luigi and Mario get so rich and powerful to the point they own The world

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  • Is Richard A friend of Junior and Jeffy

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  • Can you do an "ew poor!" compilation please

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  • Richard my dad name is Richard and Rich

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  • The song lol😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • 🎖🏅🏆🥇

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  • md other name it’s the same thing McDonald’s

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  • mc

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  • Hey

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  • 3:58 6:27 8:45 9:25 10:50

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  • One of my favorite videos lol

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  • fnaf

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  • The worst job should be clean a restaurant

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  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 .

  • O

  • It was not good The

  • 0:25 i think the real champ of hide and seek is rosalina

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  • Fucking hell goodman s son is a fucking asshole

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  • He forgot his AirPod

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  • What if junior and Joseph ar adiccted to dolls like cody

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  • the last digit u are 1.mario 2.benjamin 3.junior 4.shrek 5.bowser grandma 6.bowser 7.jeffy 8.jospeh 9.richard 10.goodman 11.cody 12.tyrone 13. Cody’s mom 14.human junior 15.human Mario 16.human joseph 17.human bowser 18.human Cody 19. Chef pee pee 20.marios grandpa

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