SML Movie: The DNA Test!

28 dec 2020
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Bowser Junior wants to know if he is related to someone famous!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes:

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    • @Cracker b

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    • HEY- 1 reply= 500 UwU

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    • okay

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    • Dork

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    • Dork

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  • Wait one minute... Isn't Batman, Superman's sworn enemy?

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  • Cody can sue both of them cause Thomas Edison was born before Neil and Dorsey so he can sue them both and Neil would not be able to get out of his space ship without a doorknob and someone else would be the first man on the moon and the moon was discovered before Neil was born

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  • I am robyn clark

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  • I thought bill gates invented gates

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    • Get it cause bill gates

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  • watch this tim look at the moon 9:19 theres somting goining acros it

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  • Dark Vader

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  • Whenever Joseph Cody and Junior go through real test results back why did Junior hit Cody for no reason

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  • Thomas Edison perfected the light bulb not invent it

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  • Hi

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  • I wanna be related to Andy Heyward from DiC Entertainment because his cartoons from DiC Entertainment are so epic.

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  • 1

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  • They fr disrespecting the OG verne

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  • Anyone notice when the commercial went off the bat mobile and all the characters vanished

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  • We now know who browsers dad is

    Christopher Reyes Ortiz - DCMS 2027Christopher Reyes Ortiz - DCMS 2027Pirms 15 Stundām
  • So we now know that browsers dad is now

    Christopher Reyes Ortiz - DCMS 2027Christopher Reyes Ortiz - DCMS 2027Pirms 15 Stundām
  • My dad realized by using the website ancestory that we are actually related to Abraham Lincoln. That is the reason I got so happy when I heard Joseph say that he wanted to be related to Abraham Lincoln. We found out that Abraham Lincoln is one of my ancestor’s cousins.

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  • bad video join in Creepypasta killer fail

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  • Well if ships wouldn’t world without the moon America wouldn’t exist and humanity would be thousands of years behind Edit:and most of their toys are probably produced by China like 90% of everything in the USA wouldn’t be in the USA

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  • D

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  • 3:49 to 7:07 longest scene

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  • joiners mean

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  • 12:39

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  • what about dork Simpson

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  • Cody is related Verne from over the hedge

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  • Lebron

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  • Wait isn’t Brooklyn guy horrible at hide in seek he said that in the episode whe chef pee pee hid in the roof

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  • Joseph is where you really need door knobs for everything right guys

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  • *Grown men playing with plushies*

  • 3:02 on deck

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  • More like a grandpa dork

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  • I love ur videos 😂😂💙💙

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  • 5:50 or fans who don’t know the rules 🤣😂🤣😂

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  • 5:50

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  • toys playing with toys...... Harvard: want a scholership?

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  • GG

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  • why Thomas invented the light bulb is cause he knew we wouldn’t be able to see how fat Cody’s mom is

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  • The dorksons

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  • Yo

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  • "or fans who don't know the rules" damn, you still holding on to that?

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  • Hooters the game

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  • Got a new one likes

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  • robin and superman are not stupid.

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  • Cm11:(

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  • Neil anami

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    • I’m an alien

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  • I like Mexican superman

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  • 👋 hi

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  • Ok Something Bowser Jr Got Wrong With The Moon Is The Moon Those Not Make Its Own Light, It Gets Its Light From The Sun

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  • Mexican superman defeats joker

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  • “ I like Walmart automatic doors” Bowser Junior 2020

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  • “That’s my moon that’s my great grandfathers moon” bowser junior 2020

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  • I miss the cursing sml just isn't the same without it

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  • I want to be related to ur mom

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  • jr shouldve been related to oogway

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  • I’ll would wanna be related to nba youngboy before the herpes

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  • I’m sad every day because my mom hate me

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  • Door knobs in some Allison

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  • Rhhrhthhth4uttf_'_&4³32233334556671234567890

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  • 5:25 “I’m always good with turning boys on”

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    • That's Jr. talking about the moon

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  • nobody has remembered about door handles.

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  • I wish I watched this on mlk day because Joseph thought he was mlk jr

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  • Jr is a ideot

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  • Bowser jr and Jeffy and Joseph is a losers

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  • .

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  • 8:35 how is there light if Cody took all the lights?

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  • Ha Bill Gates Invented Windows the computer nice joke

  • I LOVE PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi!

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  • im flying to la

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  • fan who dont follow the rules

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  • I want to be related by tony stark bc I want to build his impulsors and fly Soo yea

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  • Joseph is cool

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  • G

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  • Damm after 4 years i came back

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  • Hi

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    • I’m your biggest fan

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  • I'm related to robert e lee

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  • Cody should be robin bc he’s a nerd like cody

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  • Verne sucks

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  • Is buzz aldrin a joke to junior

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  • Well if those aren’t the ones he made so those are juniors because he bought them

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  • Thomas Edison made the light before Neil went to the moon jr is stupid

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  • By far one of my favorite sml videos

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  • Jr is a asshole

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  • I would want to be related to god

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  • Cody’s probably related to James charles

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  • So no one going to talk about that there was only on ninja turtle

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  • i wanna be realated to x2twins

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  • I’m sorry but Jr and Joseph aren’t cool either. So y’all should be calling yourself a dork too. Because 89.99% of people like Jr,Cody,Joseph and 100.00% of people likes Jeffy

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  • not funny my name is edison

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  • Hi

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  • How weird

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  • Ben 10

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  • reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • Osbourn Dorsey created the doorknob in December of 1878 By January 1879 Thomas Edison created the light bulb

  • Rick and dorky 😂

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  • That’s funny if he invented the light balls Cadu would not improve in it

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  • I would want to be related to Mr.Goodman so I can be rich like him:>

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  • The secret life’s of dorks

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    • Lol

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    • It’s 2021

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