SML Movie: Jeffy's Online School!

3 apr 2020
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Jeffy has to do school online!

  • Behind the scenes:

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    • final comment

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    • superbowserlogan ekekdkwdk

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    • @thomasfendog yt cooooool

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    • July today

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    • Ya

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  • Fun fact that old lady is bowsers mother if you seen the sml mothers day movie u will understand

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  • Sml Idea: The Break up! Perhaps Jeffy asks to use the laptop and watches inappropriate vids (not too inappropriate, something funny) then Mario tells jeffy to clean the dishes. When Jeffy leaves, Mario goes on the laptop and Rosalina sees what he’s doing and Rosalina had enough of his disgusting-ness. So she goes to super D. And mario tries to win her back.

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  • Chef pee pee a real one hahahahaha

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  • Alternate/actual title saw it from a comment: mario’s marriage problem

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  • Me

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  • wow this is already half a year old

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  • I'm single

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  • Ive been fucking blamed on ALL the time so YES

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  • Yes,Like breaking the computer but it was someone else not me

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  • first word of chef peepee in every video emm emmm emm

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  • Dum corn

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  • Hi I’m from the future and NOTHING CHANGES!!!!!!!!!! Ha wash you HANDS AnD STAY SAFE!!!!! Oof oof oof oOOOOOFF

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  • Jefffffffyyyyyyy

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  • Off to ogg

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  • You should do a video where Jeffrey’s old man

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  • how does onlineschool turn into a sexual, cheating, dating video...

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  • Accurate representation of all women

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  • funny

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  • Idk if yall making jokes but those thing r hippo not Moses

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  • Who watching after they got the flu shot I got mine it kinda hurts

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  • No the mood Nice to play

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  • So funny

  • Your videos are cool 😎 and 😆

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  • i like

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  • Hi

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  • My friend got blamed that she broke the window next to her neighbour but it was another kid

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  • I have, I was having a sleepover with my cousin, he was in his room, me and my other cousin were watching movies on the living room, my cousin that went to his room, he put a speaker on the living room sneaky and played ear rape moaning and my uncle got out of his room and he saw me on my phone and he said “give me your phone” I told him the truth it was my cousin and he said “ why tf are you blaming on him” I said “ because it’s him

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  • 10:04 Yes every time I play among us.

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  • When Jackie chu coughed he sounded like he was laughing

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  • Watch I did you didn't hire the principal steinbeck

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  • Its been 7 months since I started online school

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  • That s weird the lady is a prev ert

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  • Lol I wish me teacher don’t do that.

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  • Two months??

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  • Sml question: have you been blamed for something you didn’t do? Me: literally every damn game of among us

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  • Chef pee pee likes old people

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  • What the actual hell Logan "Jeffy's Online School" took another turn. It was suppose to be about Jeffy having online classes BUT it instead featured Rosalina thinking Mario cheated on her with an 80 year old woman

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  • Show Rosalina the camera footage

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  • E

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  • Computer or laptop

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  • everytime is moose time

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  • Yes I have been blamed for something I didn't do. Four years ago back in 2016, a girl name Brittanie Sanders blocked my phone number, my Instagram and Facebook account because she thinks I'm cheating on my girlfriend by giving her a one piece swimsuit, which I wasn't cheating on her.

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  • I like how rosalina was watching it

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  • 2:11 the mic is muted.

  • I am big fan me and my frenieme watch it together👁👄👁

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  • I like the part were they did the parent teacher conference

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  • She nasty

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  • She nasty

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  • I have a question how does he confuse those two links 🤣

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  • I'm not going inside Ohgcbjknbjhbbnjnnbr

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  • My bd was on apr 16

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  • Rosalinas so fucking annoying and mean and assume that Mario cheated on rosalina

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  • I've seen this a few times and I never relised that chef pee pees hand was burnt

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  • Why does all of Jeffy’s have cussing? That needs to stop

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  • Yes they put a straw in a toilet

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  • Gay school for jeffy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • Sml idea:Jeffy eats his green beans.

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  • 1:33 his mic is off sooo MARIO TALKS TO HISSELF!!!

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  • Sml for life

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  • Wow that lady

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  • bruz iknow thats notgood but

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  • Hey

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  • As an answer to the question at the end.. I was accused of being a imposter

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  • Jeffy go blindfold mommy and bring her to the date alright daddy i can go do that. Jeffy acting like that's normal

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  • Hi

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  • It’s moose time

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  • Many many before

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  • Getting the puppets on Christmas

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  • Please do jeffy plays gta5

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  • Jeffs is heleros

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  • 0.0 0_0

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  • what the fuck os this chit why you post this ich fuck youtoud for leting this slide

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  • I go to online school too it is so hard

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  • yes i have blamed only like about exactly 47 times thanks to my lil bro

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  • Why does chef pee pee has a burned fingers

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  • One time in preschool this kid socked someone in the lip there was a bump and he blamed me it was a imposter

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