SML Movie: Jeffy's Online School!

3 apr 2020
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Jeffy has to do school online!

  • Behind the scenes:

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    • Hfjjdkzkos

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    • );$;$&:9:@@/“/&,

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    • yes 😃

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    • @This guy Dannyyy K

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    • It was super hilarious😂😂

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  • No Joke The Old Women That Is A Teacher Looks Like My 5th grade Teacher IRL

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  • If you guys play roblox and want to play with me :reply ur username down below

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  • Chezburber2

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  • SML QUESTION: have you ever been blamed for something you didn't do} In among us *Yes*

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  • Hello

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  • Uh

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    • Harder daddy

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  • yea! breaking my bed my baby bros jumped on it till it snapped and BLAMED ME EVEN THOUGH I WASNT EVEN AT THE HOUSE FOR A WEEK

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  • Hi

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  • 6:33 oops

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  • Why’s chef Pepe’s fingers burned 5:50

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  • I get blamed all the time

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  • Was she really mad at you Logan in real life cuz I feel bad for you I'm sorry but or was that just for the video

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  • Yes I have.

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  • 9:44 Never seen that happen

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  • The moose’s needs to be played with. Jeffy 2020

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  • “2 months”

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  • Made In Heaven

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  • .yo wtf what the fack

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  • Mooses

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  • Last Edit: already watched this like 100 times

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  • Why did Rosalina sounded so sarcastic when she was apologizing?

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  • I like how they made footlong bangers name Fancy Restaurant

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  • How to dance chinita and the other jeffy zoom sool 🤔🤔 in 0

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  • THE MOOSES NEED TO BE PLAYED WITH *the door bell rings* moreo*who’s that *jeffy*tHe MoOsEs

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  • [text] lol

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  • [text]

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  • Dan Campbell

  • I just figured out that when Jeffy was doing online class how did the Teacher here him When his mike was off

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  • Thank you for the Jeffy puppet Lance I don't know you name it maybe last name but thank you for it so I like you videos a lot and I download like it does above it Philadelphia public cuz I a Jeffy puppet cuz I want to so bad but my mom bought it I really love it like and so how do you like the old things I like I like the video like we I like those videos like like I love like the Japanese I like really love to do a Jeffy songs but I don't know how to do it cuz cuz I want to be you so you turn both get a honeymoon million lights and like and you can come to you want to go to my house or something like that and I can like thank you for real and I really like a surprise yeah yeah that's what it is goodbye

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  • That was the first time chef pps cooking was finally good

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  • You should make a video where's Jeffy goes on the school bus

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  • Chef pee pees hand is burnt

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  • This is just like real life jeffy is going on online classes jeffy might be a nerd because I don’t really like school

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  • Turned into Mario's marriage problem 😂😂

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  • Ernie Boch, Jr

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  • Ok then 🔄 card

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  • Oh no sml

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  • Why can't mario say the actual situation that happened correctly.

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  • Lol

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  • Hi I like you

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  • If you look closely at the MacBook when the fake teacher is on the screen, on the top, you can see that Quicktime Player is open...

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  • That's hot

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  • I love your videos so much I was your biggest fan sens the beginning

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  • This is the reason why I don’t like Rosalina

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  • Right now today is thursday soo right now i came out of online school

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  • No hate but sometimes I hate rosalina

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  • Mario looked like he was enjoying that

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  • Moos

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  • His hand is burnt chef pee pees hand

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  • Not possible

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  • damn i can’t believe its been 9 months since i started online school

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  • 0:04

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  • Cool hahah de gril from de School sexy woman

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    • You make no sense at all

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  • 😆 kk 👌 k kkk

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  • 💎💍👓🕶

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  • 10

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  • How can she hear you if the mic blocked

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  • I'm doing homeschool this year instead of going to back to school in person

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  • نبالاابلاليتبلابتيوىفنباليللثعبنماىؤنبمبتلتاببة

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  • 5 yo kids be like: DO A FACE REVEAL

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  • macdemarco

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  • My favorite cereal to

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  • ᒪOᒪ

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  • Is Lance the Voice of black Yoshi?

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    • indeed

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  • 0:39 raptop🤣

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  • Brady you have to go to the gym and get your lunch and lunch I can make it to the gym and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back to bed with you and then I’ll go back

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  • this is so funny

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  • Edfvb 9

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  • During 1:31 that was the most sexy thing I have ever seen but very awkward cause that was an old gramma and she was a hoe

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  • Who ever had a kid when this video was published now has a newborn

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  • i- break up moment-

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  • Chef pee pee doe

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  • did you see his feet

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  • I feel like Rosalina is an idiot

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  • Rosalie is unforgivable

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  • Super bowser Logan who the heck are you dating

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  • Hi

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  • gudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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  • Mario.. what Rosalia THE ***K SHE IS

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  • Jiffy is so dum

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  • so funny

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  • 1:55 So okward with the moan😂😏

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  • Roselina is stupid

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  • If this is about Jeff’s online class this should be more like Mario getting caught cheating.

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  • its 2021

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  • Many times

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  • Does anyone notice that when they were doing online school the mic was off but how does the teacher hear them

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  • lol

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  • I love it I love your videos

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  • I love you jeffy

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  • jeffy ilke me

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  • The teacher has covid-19

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  • I've been blamed for a few things I didn't do. Not gonna go into it, cuz I want to keep the peace and what's done is dealt with.

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  • Put subtitles on at the start XD The subtitles say something different

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  • When rosalina started to trust mario in the last part where was the laptop?😳 did chef pee pee take it?🧐

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  • Run ?m!

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    • Run

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  • Run sm

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    • Run

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