SML Movie: The Human Potion!

4 nov 2019
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Junior and his friends turn into humans??

  • We want everyone's opinion on the new puppet characters and if we should use them more often! Let us know in the comments! It has always been my dream to create my own characters just like I did with Jeffy. As you know I do not own the rights to the Nintendo characters I use in my videos, and LVworld has a new rule that you are not allowed to make inappropriate jokes using family friendly characters. I decided to try out this new puppet style to see how it would turn out and to give me more freedom with the type of content I want to make. Don't worry, we will be giving you guys a bunch of new videos with the old style and new. Thanks for being fans and supporting me all these years!

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    • @sup3r_dumb_j3ffy .

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    • Hell yeah I love the plushies as puppets

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    • Bruh

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    • no

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    • Its alright

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  • Yes

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  • yes👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💟💞💝☝

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  • Ugo the other side and ice it and think it though I don't and think iBuyPower and I have uuijgy I will get back uhiyyi ouojj of my last m in meeting you I u it and ice in u I will it is not in is it okay for I jus wanted me it is going 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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  • Fuck no

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  • That laugh at 8:21

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  • I dont like them

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  • Pizza 🍕 and JoJo and Julian

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  • Cody is a bitch

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  • Just want you and I just got a good new house I just want it I cannot I want a little time going I want a little time going I want a little time and then going to go and then get a new one year I just cannot is that you I just cannot is that you want me going I cannot is that one I got a new house I cannot I want a good oops and a great year to go to the house with a new house going I just cannot is a new season for me going and going I just cannot is a new year I got my first one and got a little thing for the car then going back in a bit to do my new one and I just want my new job I cannot I want a good new house going I got to do my job first then going I want you and then I’m thinking I cannot is time to go and then I’m just got my house I cannot I was going thinking about it and thinking I want you and then I’m just got a new one I want a car that is good for me going and and going thinking of you guys just thinking of thinking I just cannot I was going thinking about it or something new to get to do this year new one and I just cannot I was going thinking about it and then going to go and then going thinking of thinking that was a little time and then I’m just thinking of you guys I want a new one year to go to the house just

  • Sml can I have a jeffy puppet 🥺🥺🥺😢😭😭

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  • Noo I dont

  • 9:18 bowser has brooklin guys clothes

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  • Get SML to 5Mil :)

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  • You can't shit

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  • Pizz

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  • Joesph: MY TURN,*sips* how do i look Jr.:YOU LOOK SO COOL Joseph: OMG IM BLACK me: that’s racist

  • 0:28 me when I get my brand new glasses and sees animals:

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  • *H U M A N I T Y R E S T O R E D*

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  • My Friend: I want to be a doctor Me: I want to be a attack helicopter

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    • X same

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  • 8:19 its jeffy

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  • In that 1 vid he said he was 1 persent that n word but he is white

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  • Lol 😆 😝 😂 I love this Yo video

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  • No

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  • Hi

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  • This is like the human actors like in Bowser Jr orders a Pizza

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  • alternative description Junior and his friends avoid copyright claims

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  • this video shoulve been uploaded on 1/18

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  • yes i do but where's chilly

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    • Ur my bride. My youtuber is Tommy davis

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  • Ffevfhrfrr4redrdrxgfggfffffffffffffff e 4 ex ffrgtfrgrfeeegcgbhf rfv fv ttgfggtf tgg rfg4556

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  • Jeffy: it’s 2019 I identify as a turtle. People in 2021: 2019 huh.

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  • Well that pees me off

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  • 9:15 some how bowser has some brooklen guys cloths

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  • Hjjghghgfhfhfhrhhfbfbfffjfjfjfhfhfhfhfhfhdhfhfhfhhfgfhfh jud6477373747476446&336281846123456789103+73+_-474747+4+_!_+'+_+&1000003774-"_+:!&+&(_(4+84+4+&+47djdjfjdhhUdufjfhrugyfuufufjjJfh de dhhfghfhgjhffjhfhrufjrufodbbcbhckeowkomfjfjfjjw un la ljncj. Jfjfj

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  • This dont make sense cuz only humans are allowed in y dumb elementary but in some videos after this video is junior joseph cody and jeffy in school i said jeffy cuz its 2021 hes a turtle

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  • I hate them as puppets

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  • Hi

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  • Make sheriff callie and peck and Toby

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  • Hi

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  • yes i do like them as human form

  • E

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  • I like Joseph

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  • Cody is hunky in one of his vids

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  • I want my own puppet charter

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  • Every time Cody makes a potion it's just gader ade lol

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    • Gatorade*

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  • Logan can I get free jeffy please

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  • 10:49 *sup*

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  • yo do a video of them going in to the future grown up to see how they look

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  • Y

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  • The fact that this already a year ago...

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  • Did any body noticed that bowser had a chef pee pee shirt

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  • 10:36 is he just laying on the spatula

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  • But don’t bowser and Mario live in the same house? Also an bowser and junior should pretend to be Mario’s pets when people are around so they have a house lol

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  • H

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  • I definitely think Cody’s mom needs a human potion because she is a PIG

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  • Play audio

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  • I like everybody video even super Mario love you

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  • Jackie Chu is racist

  • I love that show

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  • Turtle racist

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  • I like joshef and jr but not cody

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  • G

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  • I think that potion would be mountain dew actually I don't know

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  • Is bowser bipolar

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  • I watched hunky cody

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  • Yes and no

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  • Ken couldve drunk it

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  • i want the humens pls

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  • $44:99

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  • his name is tyroan because hes old tyroan

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  • Video idea opposite day everything is different Cody's straight junior is nice chefpee pee is nice and so on

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  • How was this made a year ago it felt like 4 months

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  • Hi SML I just want to say that I have. Joseph puppet right there I got it today it's super fun I've been trying to practice with these add all Jews in time to do other things with it well I just wanted to say that will buy

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  • Not cody🐢🐢

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  • 🙏

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  • yuo ming is preson but dead

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  • Bowser Peter Griffin looking ass nigga

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  • I 💘 🏫 yaa i 💘 big kids

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  • I 💘 yor dad jr that 🔥

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  • I lke joku jou seee hem

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  • I lke that jikrre jou

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  • I wch that 🏫 yaaaaa

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  • hahahaaahahahaahah i love this vidao

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  • Plot twist:the potions are actually glass of poison .

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  • Ok

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  • What about toad

  • Cody’s mom: I’m dumb as a brick

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  • Fun fact: Mario owns the house because he pays the house payment bowser doesn’t pay the house payment

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    • That's what I said

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  • Harry Potter????

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  • Joseph and bowser "this is discrimination".

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  • 10:06 cody and Joseph reaction! I'm done XD!

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  • No

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  • Ken should've drank the potion to actually be human😏

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  • I HATE JEFFY!!!!

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  • aw man i dont really like the new ones and ik people are gonna fight me in the comments but i loved the plushies

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  • I was playing super smash bros and i was playing as BOWSER JR

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  • I suck I Dudu I’m bad at the game I’m bad at war zone I’m bad at fortnite

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