SML Movie: Jeffy's Magical Pencil!

2 aug 2019
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Jeffy has a magial pencil!
Shout out to our fan "Logan", he thought of this video idea!

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  • Turn alot of stuf into candy and video games

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  • Ha ha ha funny

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  • I thing F word is that don’t do it again again

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  • SML IDEAS Chef peepee’s family The life of Brooklynguys ugly wife

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  • アイラブユー似合う

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  • Brucklin t guy jokes are fatter the Cody’s mom

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  • 9:27 Jeffy:AW MAN DADDY I HATE BABY URUGALA Mario:jeffy you shut up and eat you'er baby urugala

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  • yes I do I’m so sad I’m soooo sad I love your videos

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  • Jeffy you will die bully bill... Vinzeus:me nice

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  • 0:44 i-

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  • Do you mean peepeedrgon

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  • 0:07 BWA HA It sounded like he said arts and craps! 💩

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  • sorry to say but the jeffy pencil has a small eraser

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  • 6:18

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  • 6:52 junior said joey

  • Cody x Jr 🥰

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  • Small question answer: get a bunch of thots

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  • You dumb af

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  • why didnt the cake turn back

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  • Hes just like wow I'ma pirate cool

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  • Bllllll H E L L O O Ж

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  • ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩ ио

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  • Sml idea: Bully bills life

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    • That's what bully bill gets

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  • I see why they made him a charzard. This did this because Jackie Chu is Asian and Pokémon was made in Asia. 3:17

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  • Pirate bullet bill sounds like Foxy from fnaf

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  • Oh and do you know her last name is Granger

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  • Jeffy just said Harry Potter

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  • 'Mason' his name was mason

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  • 6:25 lol just lol staight up lol I’m laughing so hard

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  • Maybe we can give Jeffy a real wand to turn him into a magician and make a video where he can transform into anything he wants to do and you and you give me the boss and his dad to

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  • SML is the best you make great videos

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  • Alternate option : could’ve obtained powers

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  • Sml idea jeffy abc.

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  • I love you guys videos keep making more I'm hiding these videos from my mom and dad

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  • 2:32 Jeffy Hit Pirate With Big Pencil

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  • SML idea jeffy plays among us

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  • When Joseph said PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTHHHHT I felt that😔

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  • If u did not Make this episode yet can you make it:Joseph Becomes rich

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  • Yes and I said you’re fat in the background

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  • I loved it! But there's a problem.... I can't find himroid, y'know the girl from Harry pooper

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  • P what is it she's covered in phallic fat stuff I mean like big stuff that's not calling her fat dumb

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  • Most laugh tracks were recorded in the 1950s you are hearing dead people laugh

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  • I laughed at 10:35

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  • When Jeffy called Hermione "Hemorrhoid" I laughed my ass off 😂

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    • Nah nah switch hold on fat guy u like 14 and I can't even see behind you cause ur that fat. and u like Peppa pig gay boi

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  • The doc do be making som sans puns tho.

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  • 0:55 there’s a jumanji board game in the background?

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  • toys were moving in back

  • Sml answer: i will pencil pencil duty fart

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