SML Movie: Rich Brooklyn Guy!

11 feb 2021
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Brooklyn Guy is RICH!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes:

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    • Hola

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    • You should've never been greedy, Guy

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    • OkSML!

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    • Oh hey

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    • @Red LOL

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  • Buy a Lnbo

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  • I want a ps5 can you give me one please

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  • BROOKLYN GUY PREDICTED THE FUTURE.. HE SAID “we’re getting sued..”

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  • First of how much of an ass hole do you have to be to try to make your friend lose all of his money

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  • why would you have to call a doctor if somebody put gorilla glue on their hair?

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  • Brooklyn T Guy is still rich because all he has to do is sell all of his clothes yacht and is spoon and bowl

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  • Should be harambe glue

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  • 4:45 that's what she said

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  • buy a tesla

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  • Based off : gorilla glue girl

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    Changes his name every 5 seconds ytChanges his name every 5 seconds ytPirms 23 Stundām
  • The only way to get rid of gorilla glue off your hands is to use warm water

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  • 9:43 🤣🤣

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  • If Tessica Brown had Jeffy as a child:

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  • lol I forgot to quit my job”

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  • we neeed more fucking jeffy vidos

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  • Gfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfg

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  • Am I right to rich umar

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  • The puppet update isn't so bad! It didn't make sense with Jerry being bigger then Mario and Luigi👩‍🏫

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  • Hi guys I hope

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  • haha thats awsome

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  • 6:55 i wonder how many tries they attempted to make this scene

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  • The buccaneers cheated

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  • Gg

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  • mm were getting sued"me lol so were getting sued guys. me in the future"dangggggg that's messed up

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  • 6:53, 7:40, 8:52 Wow. How greedy of Mr. Goodman.

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  • I got the beginning joke

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  • Chunk gym hi boo vuvvvhfrwnehrneg j go gbh bun bun bun bun hi bb u

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  • SML WHERE DO you live pls tell me!!! i want to DROP a GIFT to you BEAUSE you have GREAT!!!! videos so pls tell me i hope you have seen this COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sml is the best at making random characters rich

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  • Cdddxzssrh

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  • R.I.P Plushies 2007-2021 You can now be with Precious

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    • @Shiloh Danielle Blanco dolls

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    • Plushies?

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  • Sml es de best

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  • Lol gorilla glue nobody’s that stupid ....oh..wait

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  • i got an add

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  • Ok

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  • What do you call a brown person having a seizure a cholate shake

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  • im pretty sure this is making fun of the gorilla glue hair girl in the glue

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  • Since those 2 gold bars were worth 15 million dollars, and Brooklyn Guy gave Mario a gold bar. Doesn't that mean Mario has millions of dollars now?

    The Rainbow YoutuberThe Rainbow YoutuberPirms 5 dienām
    • they gambled everything and lost it all. mario didnt actually get any

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  • I would buy a ps5

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  • 2%

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  • 100000000_0000000000000000000=%

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  • To think of it Mario is selfish

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  • Sml idea: Mr Goodman meets Joseph’s mom

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    • Wow insensitive

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    • @Barbie Life she comes back alive

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    • She’s dead 🙉

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  • Did anyone notice that if he dubbed his money before he had 7.5 million he was always rich

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  • Yeah kinda

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  • Can’t thay just sell the yacht and thay still have the mansion being built so that have a home and that golden septer so thay can sell that for 100k

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    • SO TRUE

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  • If Brooklyn t guy has brother he must has a rich guy

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  • He acting like Goodman

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  • Reese puffs Reese puffs eat em up eat em up yuh

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  • if i had 1 million dollors i wuld spend half on vbucks and ps5 and half on things I need in life

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  • If I had $1000000 I would spend it all on the Bachmann website which is for model trains.

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  • Bruh

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  • Paper all this paper I can get a paper cup

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  • Monke glue

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  • That good 😌 bet

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  • 13th May

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  • At 00:07 Rosalina looks bald

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  • It was good when it last.

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  • Mr. Goodman: The small gold bars are worth a million dollars each, and the big one is worth 5 million dollars Him again: Plz not a 33 im already losing money Me: your a billionaire Mr. Goodman: and Me: how are u losing money if the small ones are a million dollars each and big worth 5million and ur a billionaire Mr. Goodman:

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  • Mario is rich

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  • Morio's a bastard he tried to make Brooklyn guy lose all of his money he just doesn't want him to be successful in life and move on Brooklyn guy deserves a break because he's worked so hard all his life and has been suffering and he's selfish to he didn't want Brooklyn guy to lose his money after he heard he was getting half this is basically marios fault and its not his fault you don't do a good job watching your kid F you Mario F you

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  • #myhairdon’tmove

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  • Can you please make another giveaway OK

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  • Share a mansion wit my fam

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  • If I had $1 million I would buy Starbucks store

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  • Brolken guy when he loses JE SUS PLZ HELP ME

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  • They Predicted gorilla glue girl

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  • Mr pp is cool

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  • ffffck meee fkkkkk me

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  • I thought broken guy one $1 billion on the lottery ticket

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  • jeffys hair.. it dont move

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  • It’s 229 am for me and I’m at my dads house rn 😡😡

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  • We

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  • Buy my house

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  • I miss mario :(

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  • Think about this, Brooklyn guy is a doctor so he can’t be poor

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  • If I had $1000000 I would give my friend half of the money then we will have the equal amount of money we will both by the same thing

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  • 4 more months till his mansion

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  • Video idea: brooklynn guy vs Richard who’s has more money

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  • 👍🏿

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  • E

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  • I dont like these new pupets but that wont stop me from watching sml

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  • If i had all of that money i would spend it on robux, V bucks, and Jeffys plushes

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  • If Junior Had The Lucky Penny And Played Gambling And Chose The Correct Number, He Could Be Lucky All Day Long.

    Nava RohaniNava RohaniPirms 8 dienām
  • how did u make it go on 2 8

    Alicia RichardsAlicia RichardsPirms 8 dienām
  • 1:29-1:50 see? Not all plushies got replaced by the human muppets

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  • Mario!!!

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  • pls heart this

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  • The fact that mario called a doctor but Brooklyn t guy came but he doesn't work there

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  • Imagine the amount of recording they did jist to get those numbers tthey spun-

    GamerdaleGamerdalePirms 9 dienām
    • They prolly spun it and used the numbers it landed on

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