SML Movie: Scooter's Birthday!

23 jūn 2020
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It is scooter's birthday!
Go watch the behind the scenes:
Go buy Scooter's song on iTunes!

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  • Bank: “chef pee pee your $999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,990.00 fortunate will go to JR JR after you die. P.S. your the richest man on earth!”

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  • Jan 11 2011

    Dean BairosDean BairosPirms 11 Stundām
  • Good man: get out of my store Scooter: you wanna fight fat boy Then good man beats the crap out of scooter

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  • jan3

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  • i will give it 2.4/10

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  • mine November 30th

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  • My birthday is on saturday

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  • My birthday is on July 30th

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  • 9:53 HOW DID YOU GUYS GET A CAKE IN HERE??!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Birthday is April 15, 2010

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  • Joseph thought that junior picking white Reese’s was pretty Reesesist

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  • my brithday is march 4th

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  • Mr Goodman ruins the kids birthdays

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  • Sml idea: The Bogeyman

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  • 7th September

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  • Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk junior he thinks that Cheff pee pee is loaded

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  • (´_´)

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  • @𝚓𝚞𝚕𝚒𝚊 𝚋𝚊𝚎𝚣 𝚊 𝚗𝚘𝚘𝚋

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  • Jan 28th is my bday

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  • My birthday is in June the 4 2013

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  • I'm not going to lie today is my birthday and as soon as junior said happy birthday I just got a message from my uncle saying happy birthday

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  • Sml idea Cody plays fortnite

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  • yeah ask my uncle

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  • Sml ideas: Mario's birthday Baby Junior The babysitter Cody gets bullied Smart Joseph A day in the life as Mr.Goodman A day in the life as Chef Pee Pee Jeffy the rapper 3 ( in this jeffy makes a song called Yo Daddy featuring Scooter) Scooter the rapper 2 ( in this Scooter makes a Hey Fat Boy Remix featuring Jeffy) Precious the rapper 2 Bowser Junior's happy meal 3 Who wants to be a millionaire episode 4 Bowser Junior's game night 8 Bowser Junior's playtime 7 White Yoshi White reeses Mario the rapper Joseph the rapper Cody the rapper Chef Pee Pee the king Brooklyn Guy's 43rd birthday Chef Pee Pee the rapper Bowser Junior the rapper Bowser and friends

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  • SML idea:Chef PPs restaurant

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    • wait thats already a vid

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  • My birthday is in December 30🦄

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  • My birthday is September 14th 2009

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  • December 27

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  • My birthday is 15th April

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  • idk why they dont make toblerones white

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  • I’m birthday is sep 2 2007

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  • chef pee pee is poor

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  • anybody else have a birthday in october? mines on the 20th

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  • SML idea bowsers job

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  • Apr 14th

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  • oct 23d

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  • You are a real birthday was March 2, 2018

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  • dec 11th 211

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  • My bday is May 13

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  • 4/29

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  • marth the 9 20011

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  • Agu 30 2012

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  • Rudrudir

    Prek PreçajPrek PreçajPirms 5 dienām
  • Des 1

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  • Scooter’s actual birthday is on March 2

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  • SML Answer: My Birthday in May 3rd 2006

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  • *how did you guys get the cake in Here*

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  • My b day is in July 19

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  • Hey FAT boi wanna fight

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  • Hi

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  • #Fgteev

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  • A

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  • loollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • Scooter: everyday is my birthday Me: actually your birthday is March 2nd, 2018 (which is also your first appearance)

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    • @Og Wavy _

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    • Also my birthday 🎁

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  • February the 5

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  • No. He loved it so much, that he decided to buy it for himself. So instead of naming it “Richard E. Cheese’s”, he’s gonna name it “Goodman E Cheese’s”!

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  • 8:14 They F**ked up

    Isaac SilatIsaac SilatPirms 7 dienām
  • Toy or us wow june 22th

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  • My birthday is a video game in January Johnny boy verse

  • never day chuck e cheese again it reminds me of the kids going missing

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  • Feb. 27

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  • great video keep it up

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  • It's usually brown the reese's (Racist)!

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  • Wait what is Goodman’s real name?

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  • Shut up Junior

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  • COuldn't logan buy chuck e cheese :0

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  • hi

    Ke'Shun ShaverKe'Shun ShaverPirms 8 dienām
  • I actually went to Chuck E. Cheese when they were filming

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    • the Chuck E. Cheese at yuma

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    • For real

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  • Wait isn't Scooter the clone of Jeffy so doesn't that mean that Scooter also has his birthday on August 21st as well?

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  • April 15👍🏻❤️👍🏻

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  • Same Richard David busters

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  • Bitch

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  • You

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  • Kind of triggering and racist at the beginning

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  • scooter was born from a toaster

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  • Scooter's birthday is on March 2 2018

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  • December 28

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  • Everyday is my birthday

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  • May the 2905

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  • january 19 and born in 2012

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  • Scooter:Hey fat boy, you wanna fight

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  • 7:48 Mice go “squeak squeak”. Remember your animal sounds, kids!

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  • So why do you always got to make videos that like doo doo like make videos that's more funnier like I'm doing right here I'm farting actually I'm doodling too so my butt is hurting I got to sleep talking about and actually I'm sleepy about anything sleepy but if you sleep in your dreams you fart on

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  • 1:00 "Lets turn on the news so something inconvenient can happen" Its even funnier than when the characters have a logical reason to turn on the news.

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  • 8:13 8:32 8:58 9:24 9:53

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  • Y is scooter dum he still good

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  • Rich chef pee pee

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  • Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

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  • D

    Edward playEdward playPirms 11 dienām
  • My birthday is on oct 22 can you come Logan

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  • It’s not March 2nd

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  • Toys R Us and Chuck E Cheese are going bankrupt. Logan made Bowser Jrs Summer Vacation just in time.

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  • 4:50 lets pray for Joseph

    Jaden WardJaden WardPirms 12 dienām
  • Happy birthday scooter 🎂!!!

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  • Jk 2010

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  • June 2 1900

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  • My Birthday is September 201rst

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  • not in my watch 😂😂😂 8:35

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